Renegade Morris


(Renegade Morris at Bryn Mawr College - May Day Celebration)

  Founded in the spring of 2007, Renegade Morris transforms a random collection of interesting characters into a crazy quilt of frolicking dancers. Our dancing can be "rough around the edges," but it is consistently high energy and full of spontaneous fun.

In our brief history, we have performed in venues all around Philadelphia, including historical organizations, library fairs, private parties, dance festivals, and May Day celebrations. We welcome inquiries from any organization whose members enjoy lively music and dancing, performed with contagious zest and enthusiasm.

Even more than gigs, we welcome new dancers to discover the joys of Morris. Perhaps you wonder what drives otherwise sensible people to tie bells on their legs, then frolic about waving hankies and clashing sticks. Ancients established these spring rituals to wake the earth and ensure its fertility. Our reasons are simpler: we dance because it is fabulous fun !

Here are a couple of videos (low-quality, high-energy) of Renegades in action -- at the New England Folk Festival, outside Boston.

Three Musketeers sometimes gets out-of-hand with swordplay (note the emphasis on precision and discipline !).

Lass of Richmond Hill features a dramatic leapfrog ending.

You can reach us any time: 


Not quite ready to tie-on the bells ? Browse online to learn more about Morris Dancing.

The Kingsessing Morris Men are Philadelphia's long-established team. Founded in 1977, they have a proud history that includes prize-winning performances in the Mummers Parade.

Wikipedia has a good background article on Morris Dancing.


*For the initiated: We dance Cotswold Morris based on the Fieldtown tradition. May Day is our biggest event -- stretching across two days as we celebrate both May 1st and the Sunday May Day at Bryn Mawr College. We travel, too -- performing (most of the last ten years) at NEFFA in April.